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I will form good habits and become their slave.

Today I begin a new life.

Has it happened to you yet? It has happened to me. I have wanted to eliminate a bad habit, and not succeeded. “In order to eliminate a bad habit, it must be replaced by a good habit.” Great idea. But how easy is it? Replacing bad habits, replacing negative thoughts, having control of my thoughts.

So here is the drill…Read “The Scroll Marked I” in the Greatest Salesman in the World. Sounds easy enough. But here is the catch….read it first thing in the morning, after the the midday meal, and lastly just before going to sleep. Just before going to sleep it must be read out loud. Those are the instructions, straight out of the book. OK, no big deal. Three times…for 30 days. Day 12 hits and my “subby” hits me full force. My old blueprint is saying…”this is boring, you already know this stuff, it was great the first few days, but you have 18 days to go…54 more times.” That’s when it clicked, I knew this would happen, and I am going to push through. Because I am committed to making a difference in my thinking, how I manage my thoughts, and how I live my adventure! The Hero is in training, and the Hero will win! Bring on the evening read, out loud! I will succeed!

Second drill…Sitting still for 15 minutes. That’s right.  Sitting still, no movement. “Until we control the body, we can not control the mind.” Well that was going quite well…until Tuesday evening. Tuesday evening 10 minutes into the drill my 90 pound dog sits in front of my feet and starts barking. I tell myself, “DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT!” Since that did not work, she started nudging my hand…all attempts to make me break my sit…and pay attention to her. Time ticks so slowly when a dog is barking at your feet. The result? I did it! I maintained my sit, I maintained stillness. I did not make eye contact. Do you know how much power that gives me? It was great!! I was in control of myself!

Follow me on my adventure as I change my life by changing my thinking! I will succeed!

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