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I am becoming. How do we become? Become a being instead of a doing?  It all started for me with a small voice, in a sit.” Take pictures, live the moment, share My gifts, give thanks.” That was the beginning of discovering myself and  my DMP, my major purpose.” How did you know, how will I know?” It’s the question everyone asks; “Why am I here and what is my purpose?”  I have discovered it takes time, to listen for the voice. It takes training to think for yourself, and not let others think for you. “Where does it start?” The perfect place for me was the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, a 26 live online course…for 26 weeks. Yes, 26 weeks of making myself a priority… of knowing my spirit. the one that lives in this shipping container called Mary Jantz.

Are you worth it? Are you frustrated enough with life that you will do anything to make a change in your life? Are you on a personal growth journey and are you curious…and want to know…”You?” If this describes you, there are lessons to be learned and new discoveries in this last frontier, the frontier of you… your spirit. There are answers to the questions, and you can start this journey. It’s an adventure, and it all starts over again in September 2016.  Join me, I’m going again. But here is my warning, it is not for the faint of heart, or those who give up easily. You will need to trust, in the unknown. You will question what you know, and you will discover…yourself.

What have I learned? Living a life of gratitude brings joy, and changes my perception of my life. When things get tough, I am on a scavenger hunt, hunting for gifts. They are everywhere! I have just taken the miracles for granted and I need to refocus.  A life of gratitude tempers my thoughts. I am able to accept life, take responsibility, live a life of love, and give up defensiveness.

How will all of this happen..this wild dream of taking pictures of His gifts, living the moment, sharing, and wrapping it all up with gratitude? That is the adventure, I don’t know the ending! I just know that I took the first step…out in faith. She is here, my new gift…to myself, and the start of something new! It’s right… it’s now…it’s the moment. Follow me on my adventure, there is more to this story… my story; and there is more to yours. Discover it! Step out of the known…the rut, and into this adventure called life! Trust and breathe…it can happen for you.


Don’t waste time. Live the moment. Look for His gifts. Give thanks. It is the only way to live.

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