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Bogged Down by a Blog

I’m feeling it, a rhythm to working with this system, the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. It has taken me awhile to carve out the time. You know what I mean…working, cooking, exercise, time with family, meditation, and reading The Greatest Salesman in the World three times a day. Add my other reading, the chore cards, looking for red circles, DMP, the webinars and my life is busy! Did I mention play? I think I might just be getting a little obsessive compulsive, or maybe that is just the start of a good habit! I’m feeling something happening, and I’m anticipating great things. No, I expect great things because I always keep my promises! I’m not complaining just saying I think I have something going. That is the problem with writing, you can’t here my tone and you don’t know if I am sincere, or sarcastic. It’s sincere.  I can’t believe it…all the red circles, can you?!

Did I mention the blog? I love reading your blogs. I especially love the art, video’s, pictures, your energy, thoughts and feelings. They make your blogs alive! They have personality. But, if you will notice…I’m still a work in progress. I’m a little bogged down by my blog. She hasn’t developed her personality and she doesn’t have a voice. Thank goodness for the Monday video’s! Without them I would not have progressed this far. OK, so it shows…I’m a little illiterate when it comes to social media. I may also be showing my age, but for me…age is just a number. The age of my spirit? Timeless. I have a lot of life and dreams…and time is ticking. Don’t let your time get away from you! That’s why I’m here. Not to chase my dreams, but to catch my dreams!

Here is the plan…conquer it…the blog. dress her up with some art, pictures, graphics and maybe a video or two. In the next week she should become prettier and start showing her personality. Before long she just may start talking!

I’m with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance to catch my dream.  My life changes in January and I don’t want to waste time chasing a dream, instead I want to catch it! You see, I only have 24 hours to live. Really only seconds. So do you. You just may not realize it yet. I don’t have time to waste. Neither do you. Do it now! Catch that dream.

Why are you here? Maybe tired of chasing dreams instead of catching them? Maybe because you lost your confidence? Maybe because you want to be even better? Maybe because you are lost, and don’t really know who you are? Talk to me, that’s really what she is…this blog. Leave a comment. Why are you here?

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  1. I am here to be inspired by people like you Mary! Loved reading, you have lots of energy and I can feel your excitement! Here we are-, catching our dreams!!! Beautiful!!! Enjoy, Carol

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