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WEEK TEN: Dreams on Fire


Dreams on fire, do you have them? I never used to…but I do now. Crazy isn’t it? It’s not my fault. It just happened. I changed my thinking and my dreams changed. Now I have to do something with my dreams. I don’t have a choice. They are on fire…almost too hot to handle… under normal circumstances.

What changed? My inner world…and I keep it alive everyday. I don’t want to lose the heat.

It’s 4:00 in the morning, every morning,  and I turn up the heat, to my dreams. Before my feet hit the floor I set my intention for the day. “It’s going to be a great day! It’s the best day of my life!” I am out of bed to let the dog out, feed her, change my clothes and head to the war room. It’s where I set the strategy for the day. The world is still asleep and it’s a great time for meditation, or devotions…the world calls this time many things. I call it staying alive. It’s the time I have to get my spirit and head in the right place. It’s the time for praise, gratitude, affirmations, and requests..getting in alignment with my assignment.

That’s where my story used to end. Not any more…now  I sit. What? That’s right I sit…perfectly still for 15 minutes, no movement except breathing…in and out. Exhaling  anxiety, fear and worry. Inhaling courage and inner peace. It’s a lost art. When I first started this practice it was difficult…keeping my mind focused. My mind wanted to run out of the room. My clock was chasing it. Sometimes I would skip this practice. I think you know why…not enough time in my 86,400 seconds to take 900 seconds for myself. But I found my life was chaotic, I lost my peace…and I blamed the world for infringing on my life. Then I learned… my inner world produces my outer world. My chaos was my fault. My rut was my fault. My lack of enthusiasm was my fault. My dull dreams were my fault. The fear that paralyzes making changes was my fault.

Now my sit has become fuel, the fuel that ignites my dreams. My dreams are on fire. Sitting in silence is where my imagination burns, dreams are born, and my spirit touches my Creator’s spirit. We are one, in another time. Time stands still when I am sitting. The time I am setting apart is sacred…and to be honest, I fight to preserve my 900 seconds…to keep my dreams on fire.

My sitting ends with my declaration for the day, “I am forgiven, redeemed and free! I am a daughter of the King,  filled with His beauty, love and grace! I am a light, a city on a hill, the salt of the earth! I am an attitude adjuster, a change agent, a lifestyle challenger. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy! I am energized!” The dog wakes up and comes into the war room to check out the noise.   Bring on the day.

How are those dreams on fire going to become reality? One step at a time… with persistence, consistency and never giving up. I am greeting each new day with love in my heart. I am doing my part. He is doing His. Never doubt…it is hard work. Personal growth always is. The best part? I have inner peace. There is change, the adventure has started!!

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  1. In yoga tradition, the hour before dawn is the most important for meditation. So you’re right in middle of it! You’ve inspired me to get more dedicated to my sits. Thank you!

  2. Love your daily declaration, powerful, thank you. Your posts are always lifting my spirits, thanks and have a blessed week.

  3. Thank you Mike! You have a blessed week as well. Declarations and affirmations have not always been a part of my life. But, it is so much nicer since I started them.

  4. I love that statement Mary! “The sit-, the fuel that ignites your dream”!!! I just made a new index card!!! Thank you and enjoy, Carol

  5. Thank you Carol! Keep your dreams on fire!

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