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WEEK SIXTEEN: Changing the World


Changing the world. How is it going to happen? We have all heard,” I am going to change the world, our government, the economy, the church”…have you heard it? The plan is familiar; talk negative, create doubt and provide solutions about the system in place. Now that I think about it, that’s an opinion, and no one asked me for my opinion.

I have a plan in place. Change only one person, myself. I’m changing my focus.  I know that what I look for I will find, and what I plant I will harvest. I am on the lookout for kindness. the intentional variety and the random variety. Kindness: the act of being kind, nice, showing affection, warmth, gentleness, care, and concern. If I practice kindness, will it turn into an epidemic? If I look for kindness will it be everywhere?

My observations? My work place is full of kindness. I work for a retirement community that promotes quality of life and resident choices with Christian compassion. Kindness and compassion are the frosting on the cake for all persons; from day care children, college age students to frail elders . We are a mixing pot of people and love. I see it in the halls everyday…kindness. I am hugged several times a day, and so is everyone else. Everyone wants it…because it is healing. Is that the problem…the world is hurting and in pain? Is the healing ointment love and kindness? Our mission statement is the prescription for healing. It is a mixture of kindness, love and encouragement. I think it is good enough to be mine as well. It is a mission statement for healing, mine and yours.

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I not only like to find kindness that surrounds me, but also examples of kindness that surrounds others. Steve Hartman shares a random act of kindness that challenges all of us, to try harder…to be the best

What am I learning? Changing myself is more fun than wrestling the world, and that kindness and love are healing… for a hurting world.  With the Master Key Experience I am learning how to change myself, and my thoughts. The real power? My thinking.  #masterkeyexperience #everydaymotivation

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  1. How wonderful! Both your blog and the video. I will be following you for the next few weeks and I am looking forward to seeing them.
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  2. Great post, Mary! You’ve made me a subscriber!

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