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Living the Moment



Breathe. For one moment, didn’t you breathe, didn’t you experience the now? Didn’t you give yourself permission to live this moment…for one moment? Did you see the gifts? They were and are everywhere.

We can do that…give ourselves permission. We are beings, picked out of eternity and placed into time…and we forget, that we can live the moment.  Living the moment stops time. We are present…to enjoy the gifts, of nature, beauty, love, forgiveness, strength, power, wholeness, and harmony. There are more…gifts. But we make it so complicated, don’t we? Living this life with gratitude. We forget to look for the simple. Stop… now. What are the gifts, right now, in this moment…for you? Mine…rugs on my icy deck, ice laden grass that crackles, a dog that loves a game of tag, a chilly night without wind, and windows with glass that keep the cold out. We are living an abundant life, and most of the time we don’t even acknowledge it. Give yourself permission, to enjoy. the moment, to live an abundant life. It just takes a moment.

The secret to a life of peace and joy? Living this moment, not yesterday and not tomorrow. Looking for His gifts. They are everywhere, we just forget to look and acknowledge them. Giving thanks. This life of peace and joy has three ingredients: look, live and give. We need all three. Now watch the video again. Live the moment. Look at the world through a different lenses and discover the gift, our world…given to us by the Creator. Give thanks.

Anyone can change their thinking, their world…yes, even you.  You may need a coach…a guide. Consider the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. The next class starts in September. You don’t want to miss out. Start now by signing up for 7 Days to a New Life. It is changing my life, maybe it will change yours…and don’t forget to breathe.

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  1. His gifts surround us. Because he lives in us, we are also gifts. You are a gift.

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