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WEEK SEVEN: Overcomer


Changing my thinking is not easy…it takes dedication every single day. I cannot afford slip ups, or the easy life of cruising on automatic pilot…aimless thinking will get me no where!

This week was unusual, out of the norm. I was traveling 5 out of 7 days… on the road, sleeping in hotels, meetings, and connecting with people. It was an adventure…no routine, no maps…only my Navigator app on my phone and a lesson in trust. Trusting the Navigator to get me to the right place and the right time. It is really a simple app on my phone, and she did her job…talking me through Dallas, Irving, Grapevine, Roanoke, Garland and back to central Kansas. The Navigator did her job.

My “Subby,” is the app that keeps me going in the right direction. She needs the right input to keep me going. What input does my subconscious need to function? Good habits! Many of them were hard to perform this past week. Sitting still was a stretch! Exercise was modified. Opinions were everywhere! The only building block that held in place during this trip was my reading, and my ability to stand back and “see” what was happening. It was just what “Subby” needed to do her job.

The result? My old blueprint…my old way of thinking, tried to take over. I said tried, but ” Subby” held her ground. She was weak, but she held on because she had just enough feedback to keep her alive. My Subby was still reminded every day to “Do it now!” and “I can be, what I will to be!” I guess I can say these two sayings are her essential vitamins.

This experience taught me that I have to be persistent every single day, not just some of the time, but all of the time. That I AM who I think I Am…and I Am an Over-comer, in training every single day!

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  1. you are so right, it is a consistent journey, way to go

  2. Great Job, enjoy the read and your resilent spirit

  3. Awesome you overcomer star! I’d guess that subby can be the GPS Navigator of our lives.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Hey Mary, just wanted to let you know that your Facebook follow button is broke

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