Master Key Experience

Living the Moment

Week One


The journey is not about arriving. It is about who you become.

Today, I begin a new life.

I did it…wrote my DMP ( Definite Major Purpose). I am filled with all kinds of emotions. I shared a dream. Now the dragon raises its ugly head to torch my dream and leave it in ashes. It creates doubt, worry, fear, anxiety…did I do it right? What makes me think I can ever accomplish it? Who do I think I am? The dragon tells me I will never succeed. He questions me, “How do you think you will ever survive?” The dragon is working overtime, and getting paid time and a half for the doubt he is creating.

Survive…good question, do I think I can do it?  I have sacrificed it all…resigned from a job that pays me well. I have gone all out, to change my life. I have started to dream, of things I love to do. Is that my purpose? To do things I love to do, and help others at the same time? I believe the light that lives within me wants me to use my gift. It was given to me, now it’s my responsibility to develop and use it. I am going all out, to change my life…and maybe influence someone else to change theirs.

How? By changing my blueprint. By training the Hero that lives inside of me. The plan…change my thinking, change my feelings, change my belief, change my actions…all of this to change the results. I am a change agent.

All action adventure movies have a hero that steps into the unknown. They do dangerous things, and survive. Not only survive, but thrive. I have just stepped into the greatest adventure of my life. The Hero inside of me will not only survive, she will slay the dragon. She will thrive.

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