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WEEK FOURTEEN: 2016…The Year for Great Moments


Great challenges create great opportunities, great opportunities create great moments. 2016 is the year for great moments. Too often we try to avoid challenges, we try to ignore problems… instead of embracing them.  We feel burdened by our challenges instead of energized by them. Maybe it is because we forget who we are.

Og Mandino says, “I am nature’s greatest miracle.” Mary Jantz says, “I am, you are…God’s greatest miracle.”  Believe it. We were created on purpose for a specific purpose. We are each  unique. There is not another person in this universe created to accomplish the mission chosen for  each of us. We were not created by chance. We are rare, and we are valuable.

We each can choose to view our problems, discouragement, frustration, and heartaches as great opportunities. But to make the conversion from challenges and problems to opportunities,  four elements must be in place.


  • We must each  know our purpose
  • We must each develop a plan of action
  • We must each surround ourselves with positive, encouraging people who are on our side
  • We must crush the negativity of the crowd, and the voice within; the old blueprint


In 1980 the US Hockey Team was never chosen to win the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal.  But they did. They remembered their four elements ; purpose, plan, people, and crushing negativity. They were united, and as a team they accomplished their mission. They became the greatest hockey team in the world.



My assignment this week…watch movies and identify the tiny four elements that are found in each movie. They are the elements I am learning to incorporate in my story, my dream, my becoming. Every great story has them…the  four elements. Don’t believe me? Watch any of these movies based on factual events….October Sky, Cool Running’s, Door to Door, Rudy, and my favorite…Miracle. Every success has these four elements. Make them a part of your life, your story, your dream.  Remember who you are.  Each of us is created unique with a specific purpose.   It’s my year, it’s your year…own it! Live your purpose. Become Mission Possible. Do it now, do it now. Become who you were created to be this year.  Live your life with the four elements.  Fill your mind with the good, the possible, and you will…we will… create great moments in 2016. I am still building my team of positive people. I’m still looking for the right people..the people who are for me and who encourage me.  I must have this team to succeed. That is what the Mastermind is…a group who believe in themselves and others. We were never meant to walk alone. I’m counting on you… to make this your year. It’s mine…with a little help from my friends.

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  1. Good Job Mary! Keep it up. I agree, Miracle is a great one!

  2. Mary, great challenges do create great opportunities. I love how you chose “Miracle on Ice”-, special! Enjoy, Carol

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