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Living the Moment

WEEK FOUR: The Phoenix


I Can Be What I Will To Be

What I am learning: The precursor to failure is fatigue. Are you aware? Have you noticed? How you feel on a daily basis? This week was the test. Four days that challenged my thinking, every single day. Four days that set me up daily to take the easy way out. Four days fighting with “the dark side,” you know what I mean…negative thoughts and feelings of despair…all accentuated by lack of adequate rest.

But, I am learning. Athletes practice every day. Runners practice every day.  Successful people practice every day…by reading, meditating, exercising, building strong support systems, eating right and developing  good habits, even when they don’t “feel” like it.

This week I found myself practicing good habits, even when I was tired.  There I was reading The World’s Greatest Salesman morning, noon, and night. The same chapter, three times a day, day in and day out. “Today, I begin a new life.” That’s the drill, straight out of the book.  Even when I was too tired to keep going, every night I was reading out loud… to my dog. It was the only way to stay awake! Every single day, being aware of my thoughts, practicing meditation, and pulling myself back to reality…to positive thoughts. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Some days better than others. Every single night falling into bed exhausted, some nights crying while I read. Exhaustion will do that, change lives.

The result? Some say that I failed. That I became distracted. That I lost the fight…all because  of exhaustion. But I say that I learned. I learned that if I don’t care for myself, I don’t have the energy to separate myself from my thoughts. I learned to catch myself in mid thought and change my direction. I learned how easy it is to fall into negative thinking due to circumstances. I learned that I am powerful when I control my  thoughts instead of my thoughts controlling me.. and lastly, I learned what it means to be a Phoenix. A Phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Follow my blog and read about my journey. The journey of changing my life by changing my thoughts.  I’ll meet you here, every week. I always keep my promises.

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  1. Mary, I can feel your strength, courage and discipline. Look yourself in the mirror and give yourself a big smile every day!!! I look forward to witnessing your DMP unfold! Enjoy your journey, Carol

  2. It’s a process, and I am growing! I am living the moment!

  3. Thank you Mary. I hope this course is going as well for you as it is for me. I love it!

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