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WEEK FIVE: THe Press Release and the Baggage Handler


A press release, now that is stretching me…way outside of my comfort zone. Have you ever had to write one about yourself? You will never find me front and center. If you look for me you will always find me in the background, I am the server, not the guest. I care for others, I’m a nurse. I have welcomed people into the world and I have been with them when they leave. Both places are sacred ground. You will find me behind the camera, never in front and for that reason it was almost impossible to find a picture of myself for my “About Me.” A press release makes me uncomfortable.

Baggage. We all have it, that is if we are alive. Baggage…the negative experiences that have happened to us or someone we love. Most of us are pretty good at moving our baggage into the attic of our mind. That is, until something like a press release,¬† pulls mine out of my attic and sets it right down in front of my feet. If I move I will¬† stumble right over it, and I was about to stumble right over mine when my “World Within” grabbed me by my shoulders and straightened me out.

My “World Within” spoke to me. I have been learning to separate myself from my feelings, and from my baggage. To be the observer, and listen. It takes practice, to be still, and listen to that quiet voice, the voice of my Creator. The voice of the Baggage Handler. It’s the same voice that tells me when I am in alignment with my assignment, my Defined Major Purpose. It’s the same voice that says, share your gift…the gift of encouragement.

I thought I knew where I was headed when I started out on this adventure with the Master Key Alliance. Today’s truth is I don’t have a clue. I am learning that I will need to trust my guide, to be in harmony, stay connected with God, and toss my baggage over to Him, the Baggage Handler.

Now I have work to do, it’s called a Press Release…it’s sharing where I am going and how I am going to use my gift. It’s a wild ride. “I can be, what I will to be!”

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  1. Hi, Mary,
    You have just begun, and you have your blog done so early. You will have no problem with the press release. Just think of how pleased you are, with your results, in the interview. Nice job.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Bish! I am a work in process.

  3. Yes Mary, you can be what you will to be!!! It is so enjoyable watching you stretch yourself-, I am blessed! You are certainly embracing your journey, Carol

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