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WEEK FIFTEEN: Walking on Water


This week we are looking for virtues, eleven of them; self-control, discipline, enthusiasm, courage, persistence, specialized knowledge, imagination, decisiveness, being well-organized, taking initiative, and having a pleasing personality. Can you list them, 1-11 in the order requiring the greatest improvement for you? What is your number 1? Mine…courage.

I am looking for examples of courage in others. Our lesson teaches us that in order to identify courage in our surroundings, we must know what courage is, and we must possess it ourselves. I have learned that courage comes in many forms, and means different things to different people.

My two exposures of courage; two women… each diagnosed with cancer, each a choosing a different treatment plan. One woman in remission. One woman fighting the toughest battle of her life. Both woman are  young, married and have children. Both have breast cancer. They have chosen to live life to the best of their ability. They both exhibit courage by the choices they have made. Choices that are best for them and their families. My friend in remission has made the decision that if her cancer returns, she will not seek further treatment. She is choosing to live the moment…the now, until she takes her last breath. My friend fighting for every breath has had multiple treatments, multiple remissions, and her body is ravaged. She is choosing to live the moment, the now, until she takes her last breath. Both display courage, both have made the right choices for their situations. They are stepping out of the boat and walking on water. Can I do it, can you do it…be brave?

January 29 I am stepping out of the boat and walking on water. I am leaving behind a job and co-workers that I love. It has been my life for 25 years. I am choosing to be brave and embark on a new adventure…living without an income, building a business from the ground up, and catching a dream. I believe actions speak louder than words, that they reveal my inner being, and my thoughts. I made the decision to live a life of adventure, and the tour guide showed up…The Master Key Experience. Nothing happens by accident.

Do you want to walk on water, be brave on the inside and display courage on the outside? Start by following the 7 Day Mental Diet, also known as 7 Days to a New Life. It might change your life. It is changing mine. Oh, and don’t forget to look for the tour guide. The next adventure starts in September 2016.  My adventure has started…walking on water, and keeping my eyes on my Creator.




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  1. Mary-, beautiful examples of courage including yourself-, you are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. Thoughts and prayers for your dear friends. Embrace your journey, Carol

  2. Mary, I chose Courage to focus on this week, as well. It’s everywhere! And, seeing it in others makes it easier to see in ourselves. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Thank you Carol! We are all on journeys that require courage…for the living.

  4. Carol, new things are always a bit scary. Thank your for sharing your walking on water stories of courage. These make me look forward to my week for the virtue of courage…

  5. My thoughts are with these three women, and my problems dwindle. Thank you for the confidence. Do it!
    Bob Bishop recently posted…Week 16: Thinking vs the Old BlueprintMy Profile

  6. The words that come to my mind reading your post are “the clarity of courage”. I see you stepping clear-eyed and courageous into the unknown with complete faith in your own miraculous nature. Thank you for this inspiration.

  7. As I already indicated with reference to your Week 16, Mary, you’ve made me a subscriber! Rub it in, why don’t ya? I mean that in a good way! What’s that guy sitting on — The Great Wall of China?
    lorencrazycraigtaylo recently posted…MKMMA Week 16 – A Brief Look BackMy Profile

  8. You are SOOO FREAKING BRAVE…. Keep your eyes on the prize and you WILL walk on water. BeBlessed 8=)

  9. Wow what an inspiration..
    So great that you dare to follow your dream..
    I’m sure you will win..
    and this is the courage I was looking for the 1. week.. I should have found your blog then.. but hey thank you for sharing it.. :)

    • You are welcome Charoltte! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. You can also catch your dream, just always keep it in your site, and step out. It is an adventure!!

  10. I can feel your two friends courage and your’s. I will borrow some because it is obvious that you have plenty and a little for me wont’ effect your outcome.

  11. Maybe Courage is to be practiced so that we have the confidence to truly walk on water?
    I will walk with you….

  12. Congratulations Mary! Love that you have the courage to pursue your dream of being an independent business owner. I know you will be amazing!

  13. Your post touched home. My mother had cancer, 18 year battle, started with breast cancer. She kept her faith in the battle till she passed in my arms in 1977. Great post Mary, cheering you on in your new adventure :)

    • Dave, you walked on sacred ground with your mother in her last days. Not many are brave enough to do that, to be present with someone when they leave this earth. Thank you for being there with her. I was with my dad and sister when they died, both with cancer. I know of your journey.

  14. Courage is on my makeover list this week and to be honest I have questioned my ability to be courageous so from the bottom of my heart thank you for sharing. You have provided me with some wonderful insights.

    • Aleisha, I look for courage every single day. I keep my eyes on my Creator, because He is the designer of my life. It is the only way to combat fear. Blessings to you. We never arrive. We are a work in process.

  15. Simply Beautiful what an example of courage! Way to go! Thanks

  16. Thank you for sharing your experience as you clearly state there is no greater courage than that of a person who’s time has come and yet they continue with life as normal knowing that their time is limited, Now that is true courage. Love and gratitude to all. x

  17. You realize that Peter actually did walk on the water. Then he saw something that was invisible (the wind) and that caused him to doubt. Beginning to sink he cried out and Jesus immediately had him. They both walked back to the boat. Those who are in the boat could say I knew two people who walked on water. But Peter could say with Jesus’s help, I walked on the water. You are a water walker. Be blessed in your journey.
    Richard Barton recently posted…Don’t Worry, Be HappyMy Profile

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