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Fear, have you experienced it? Has it shut you down yet? Has it caused you to doubt yourself, and you now think the possible is impossible? I have known fear. But I can’t afford the luxury of fear…and that is what it is, a luxury. Fear does not require any work. It paralyzes us, damages our imaginations, and buries our dreams. Crushing fear and catching dreams requires work, hard work.

I have an antidote for fear. It is my customized program, and I can not afford to forget to follow it daily. Why? Because I am living on a dream. I crossed the line, I gave up my income to catch a dream…something I believe in. My  program is a habit, a part of me…and it is the only way for me to manage my mind, to crush the fear that wants to crush my dream. My habit is what I believe. I believe in:

    • Living the moment, the now. Not yesterday which is filled with regret, and not tomorrow which is filled with worry and anxiety. Og Mandino says it best, “I will live this day as if it is my last. I will make the most of each day.”
    • Looking for His gifts. Gifts, they are all around us. We take them for granted. We don’t notice them or acknowledge them and we live in poverty instead of the abundance that surrounds us.
    • Giving thanks. Living a life of gratitude. Focusing on thanks giving through out the day.
    • Keeping my eyes on the solution, not the problem. I just stepped out of the boat to walk on water. The answer is not in the storm, the answer is in my Creator. He is the one that placed the dream in my spirit.
    • Meditating and praying. It is the only way to give my fear away. My sitting is how I set my dreams on fire.
    • Reading my goals, and affirmations three times daily. Doing this reminds me who I am and who I am becoming.
    • Sharing kindness, hope, and encouragement. After all, I receive what I give.
    • Surrounding myself with the positive, the things that encourage me.
    • Reminding myself that fear is only an emotion, not a fact.

Go ahead, crush your fears. Live a disciplined life. Become….




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  1. Bravo! Fear is only an emotion, not a fact, and you may choose another emotion to take the place of fear… like maybe faith?! <3

  2. Here’s something I’ve learned about fear: it is indeed an emotion caused by faith. Faith cannot cast out fear. Fear is faith that something bad is going to happen. Love on the other hand, can cast out fear. When you know love, you know that God will not forsake you. Perfect love casts out fear. God is for you.
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