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Yes! Are you getting it? Are you surviving or thriving? Have you learned to control your emotions… control your mind? It has been one of my greatest challenges. To keep my mind on the positive, the goal. Then I am reminded who I am. The girl who believes in living the moment. Looking for His gifts. Giving thanks. I believe we were created to do just that! When I get hung up on my emotions; when I start to worry, when I fall into a pit of fear…it is because I forgot. I forgot that I was created for the here and now.  Created by the most powerful, creative, loving  force in the universe.When I live in the here and now, I am the master of my emotions.

When I am in the moment, I can say YES! I can live the adventure called life, I can be daring.  Time stands still there…in that moment. I can look around and see the gifts, they are everywhere. My eyes are open to see. I live a life of gratitude. Maybe that is the Kingdom within, the Kingdom without. It was created for us…this moment. We are created to enjoy and live a life of gratitude… in this moment.

Become like a child. They are totally captured by the moment. Hang out with them. They will teach through example. Give up on surviving, start to thrive! Say yes to adventure…live. It is a gift.

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  1. Interesting Mary, I use to say about our Painting & Remodeling business “as long as we can survive the winter”, now I say “we are thriving during the winter”. Yes, words we say are so important! The video is definitely being shared with my daughter that use to do synchronized skating-, she is judging now. I can see her putting this on her bucket list!!! Love your share! Enjoy, Carol

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