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Tired of Missing Your Target? 3 Easy Ways to Focus


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Tired of missing your target? I was to, until I identified my life purpose…the target.  I was wandering in a maze until the Master Key Master Mind Alliance came to my rescue. It helped me identify my target. It is easy to drift along in life missing your target, when you don’t know your life purpose… the  target. Some have misidentified the target. When they do hit their target, they are disappointed. Why? Because it is not what they hoped it would be. It is not their life purpose, and they lose focus. It is not unusual to go through life not knowing what your target is. So just for today, learn to focus and identify your life purpose; the target.

Three Easy Habits to Encourage Focus

Life focus starts with three easy habits; living the moment, looking for His gifts, and giving thanks.  First the moment…living in the present. Regardless what your life situation is, living in  the moment is difficult. You will know when your mind has drifted from the moment to the past or to the future. You will lose focus.  Thoughts in the past take you to regret, shame, condemnation, grief, and feelings of failure.  Thoughts in the future lead to worry and anxiety. You become obsessive and compulsive in an effort to control the now. Living in the present and remaining in focus produces energy, creative thinking, and peace.

How do you do it? Live in the present? When you notice feelings of failure, worry, and anxiety; when you become obsessive, compulsive or lack trust. Forgive yourself for falling into a pit and not being present. and move on to the second habit.

One way to pull yourself to the present and out of the pit is looking for His gifts, the second habit.   You can see, taste, smell, touch and hear them and you experience peace.  They are not created by man, but they are works of the Creator. They exist in the here and  now. You will also discover gifts of prosperity, and the gifts created by others. If you stop just for a moment to look for gifts, it gives the opportunity to refocus.

The last habit is gratitude. The best time to practice gratitude is just before falling asleep. It will pull you back into the moment as you remember the gifts of the day and give thanks. Remembering  three gifts and giving thanks for those gifts daily will result in happiness. It is the best treatment for insomnia, and the only side effect is a smile!

Hitting the Target

The target. Tired of missing it? I was! I always knew that I was created for something. But what was it? Sure, I had a job that I loved, but I kept thinking…is this all there is? I had a passion, but what do I do with it, is that my life purpose? How do I survive working my passion? Are these questions you have ever asked yourself? My answer came in the form of  The Master Key Experience. So what is it? Check out the video and hear Mark Januszewski. He developed the program…from his own experience. In the Master Key Mastermind Alliance you will find answers to your own questions, and discover your target. It won’t be easy. It is 6 months of focused thinking, your thinking. You won’t be told what to think. That is your work, and you will find answers…your answers to your questions. Best of all? You will find support for the journey with a team that is for you. I almost gave up. I had to learn new skills. These new skills…only led to better living.

The class fills quickly. I am glad that I got my name in soon enough to start the most exciting adventure of my life. You can “opt-in” for information, free information, by providing your name and email for “7 Days To a New Life.” It is located in the side bar. What do you get? Information without a commitment. Commitment comes later, if you choose to start your adventure. Start hitting your target, start focusing. I am.

Thanks for taking your time and reading. Share so that others can hit their target!

Mary Jantz




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  1. Hi Mary – I enjoyed reading your post. Hard work changing lenses and focusing on changing your life! Enjoy the experience.
    Dennis recently posted…How to Focus on Goals, Find True Happiness & Success – Without Going to JailMy Profile

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