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Imagination Is Energy That Creates A New World


Imagination Is Energy


Imagination is energy. Energy sets dreams on fire. Dreams on fire change lives and the world. Imagination creates new dreams, new inventions, new systems, new leaders,  new lives, and  new ideas…it is innovative.  The world becomes a different place.  The only challenge…time.

Time – Exhaustion

I can hear it now. The tick, tick, tick of time. We all watch it. We can find time on our cell phones, on our wrists, and almost every room in our homes.  Let’s not forget our computer screens.  The medications we take, the time at the gym, our health, and our jobs… all these things control  the time we have or don’t have. We have clocks located in  every business and church we enter. We are restricted by meetings, events, and our choices.  We schedule everything on our calendars so that we “don’t forget” or “double book.”We are dictated by time.  Time is exhausting, and we say, “I don’t have enough time.” At the end of the day we can’t sleep, because we don’t have time. Who has time for using their imaginations and creating dreams? Isn’t that just a waste of time?

Imagination – Energy

What if we could find the time to use our imaginations? How would life look? It starts with persistence and priorities. Instead of life being dictated by time, it is dictated by first things first. Make the decision. Carve out time at the start of the day to be used for reading, meditation and sitting. These are the habits of great leaders. But really, isn’t this a waste of time? Reading stimulates creativity and new ideas. Meditation calms a restless spirit. Sitting in silence feeds the imagination that sets our dreams on fire.  The three together create energy. The energy  needed for a day that is run by the clock. Make this a habit and something new enters…passion. It just may be the ingredient  needed to create something new. New dreams, new inventions, new systems, new leaders, new art, and stepping out in a new life. One run by imagination, dreams, and passion…instead of the clock. Take a few minutes to watch Janet Echelman and her imagination.

Sometimes failure promotes the use of imagination. Sometimes desperation, boredom, and sometimes the question, “Is this all there is?” If you are looking for a tool to stimulate your imagination, and  create passion with dreams on fire,  check out  The Master Key Experience . There is nothing like it. It could change your life by changing your thinking. Don’t be reluctant to “opt-in” by entering your name and email  for 7 Days To A New Life. It’s all free.

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