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I Promise…To Give Hope


No, this is not my WEEK FOURTEEN post. But it is a post about promises and thoughts.

Can I do it? Can you? It’s a promise. I promise to give the hope for joy, affluence, kindness and love, consciously with every encounter, regardless of the brevity. Can I do it when the going gets tough?

Can I manage my thoughts when the going gets tough? Can I attach any feeling I desire to any thought of my choice? Can I instantly replace a negative thought with a positive thought?

I read these on my 3 x 5 cards daily. I have some of them memorized. These cards? They are part of my becoming. Some days are better than others.

Watch Tim’s story. It is a story about hope, and managing thoughts.  Life is a journey. Giving hope…is the most important thing..for yourself and others. Managing thoughts? It’s part of my journey, and yours…to becoming.

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  1. Mary-, you are giving all the time! Very much enjoyed Tim’s special story on giving hope! Carol :)

  2. You are a beacon of light and hope, thanks for your always super posts

  3. Thank-you for Tim’s story. Happy New Year.

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