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Dreams On Fire Sizzle With Energy, Heart and Bliss


My dreams are on fire and sizzle. They sizzle with energy, heart and bliss. Do yours? Do you have dreams? Dreams on fire can happen at any age. They often happen more frequently when we are young…before we are hit in the face with reality. You know what I am talking about…the reality of time, money and lifestyle. Suddenly our dreams have lost all their sizzle and we are living our lives on automatic pilot. We have forgotten to live the dash between our birth date and our death date. The dash that you find on tomb stones.

Dreams On Fire Have Energy

I knew…when I couldn’t sleep at night. I’m not talking about the restlessness we experience when we are worried. It is the enthusiasm that races through my mind. That feeling that I had the world behind me…supporting me. That I had something too good to be true, that it was meant for anyone…who wanted a change in their life. It was the enthusiasm that knew I had a gift, that I could make a difference.

Dreams On Fire Have Heart

I knew my dream had heart when I did not become discouraged. I fed my heart every day. I fed it by reading the right stuff, meditating, sitting and exploring the possibilities, and hanging with the right people. It makes all the difference in the world. The heart beats steadily when it is fed gratitude, when it is fed for endurance by living one moment at a time, and when it is fed a steady diet of discovering the gifts that make it strong.

Dreams On Fire Produce Bliss

Bliss, that happy feeling I have. It drives my dream. Bliss becomes the fuel that produces the sizzle in my life. The sizzle that produces my energy and keeps my heart in the game. It’s that feeling that picks me up…and keeps me going. I am living my dash.

Finding Your Dream

So, how do you find it? That dream…that purpose. It takes discovering yourself…it means slowing down, and discovering  what you love to do. The dream is the gift that was given to you. Your gift cannot be compared to the gifts of others, or it will die. It’s your journey, so take the time to discover…your energy, your heart…and your bliss. If you want a tool to help you discover your dream, consider participating in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. You can start that process by signing up to receive 7 Days to a New Life.  Discover what it feels like to have a dream that sizzles…watch Grace as she lives her dream.



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  1. Your first paragraph really resonated with me. I am closer to the end of my lifeline than the beginning. My dreams had virtually disappeared before my exposure to the Masterkey Experience. I am so appreciative for this journey. Many thanks to you for sharing your energy and sizzle.

    • Thanks for sharing Theresa! I too have struggled with my “purpose and dreams.” The tools I have learned with the Master Key Experience have been the turning point for me. Enjoy your journey!

  2. I too totally resonated with your blog. So I’m putting renewed vigour into the exercises, sits and reads once again. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome blog Mary! Everything you wrote is right on the money.

    Oh, I can watch Grace over and over and over.

    Thanks for sharing!

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